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RMB Ergon S.r.l. - Via di Tiglio, 487 - 55012 Capannori, Lucca (Italy)

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A recent addition to our working group, composed of  technicians and experts in the medical field. Since 1990 this group has studied and improved projects  for disposable safety syringes in order to set up the first lines for the production of safety syringes with retractable self-locking needle and simple disposable safety syringes throughout Europe and the world" . It also owns the new patent regarding one of the most important automatic and progressive safety syringes with retractable self-locking needles. Other innovative patents, regarding the safety para-medical field, will be registered in a very short time. E-mail:

Techno-Transfer S.r.l. - Via Reggio, 45-b - 43100 Parma (Italy)

For over 20 years (mainly using machines manufactured by Marcolini´s company in addition with other standard machines produced by other trustworthy firms) it is specialized in selling and in setting up  complete "turn key" plant for the production of disposable para-pharmaceutical products. E-mail:

Marcolini S.n.c. - Via dell´Artigianato, 22/24 - 25080 Molinetto di Mazzano, Brescia (Italy)

For over 20 years it is specialized in designing and building automatic machines and automatisms. Marcolini designed the first automatic line in the world for the production of disposable safety syringes with retractable self-locking needle. E-mail:

Marcolini S.n.c. - Sistemi di automazione avanzata | P.IVA 01439700178
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