Progetto RMB Ergon - Product

Description of our product and advantages in comparison with other safety syringes.


  1. it has a standard exterior appearance, the same appearance as a normal disposable syringe
  2. It is utilized as a standard disposable syringe. The only difference is the automatic needle retraction inside the plunger at the end of a normal injection by performing soft pressure on the piston.
  3. It is supplied with a double click as requested by U.S. sanitary operators. In fact, in order to retract the needle, it is necessary to perform two different clicks. With the first, the needle is hooked and the graduated barrel is completely emptied; with the second click the automatic mechanism for needle protection is activated.
  4. The automatic mechanism for needle protection is very soft and it is made by a particular tension spring inserted inside the hollow plunger. This plunger has a white colour in order to hide the mechanism that may frighten a sensitive patient. 
  5. The plunger which has a cylindrical shape is a particular characteristic that is much appreciated on the American market; the white colour helps to read through the transparent rolex replica graduated scale.  
  6. It has a double safety block. After being utilized it not only insets the needle into an inaccessible position but the plunger is locked into a zero position.
  7. It is composed of only one more component (co-moulded puller spring) in comparison to a standard syringe and this component can be produced and manufactured automatically.
  8. Our experience indicates that during production it requires lower tolerances in comparison with other safety syringe products with needle protection after use.
  9. It has profitable production costs since it doesn´t require unusual and expensive components. The O-Ring gasket should have a lower cost when compared to a standard rubber gasket.
  10. Our working group doesn´t offer a new pilot plant but a plant that has already successfully produced in the past (1993); therefore we do not propose a prototype installation but a tested installation.
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