Progetto RMB Ergon - Unishot - Safety Syringe

Why a disposable safety syringe with retractable self-locking needle?


  1. The production of disposable safety syringes with retractable self-locking needles is one of the most important realities emerging in the medical sector on a world-wide level .
  2. The social demand for disease prevention and for safety in the working environment, together with the economical necessity of reducing  various costs caused by bloodborne pathogen transmittal in hospitals, calls for the substitution of standard disposable syringes with new safety syringes
  3. The problem of accidental needlesticks alarms all government throughout the world not only because these injuries can infect the sanitary operators  with invalidating infirmities such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, AIDS, etc., but also because the cost of treating the diseases increase the cost of National Health Insurance and  private insurances.
  4. In a joint declaration, WHO (World Health Organisation), UNICEF (United Nations Children´s Fund), UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) and IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and  Red Crescent Societies) entrust that all countries should use AD syringes (AD = Auto Disable - disposable syringes that cannot be utilized more than one time) to administer vaccinations and have already declared that the AD syringes exclude replica watches the risk of infection of bloodborne disease from person to person because these can not be reused.
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