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Unishot - Safety Syringe
Progetto RMB Ergon

RMB Ergon S.r.l., in co-operation with Techno-Transfer S.r.l. and with Marcolini S.n.c., intend to:

  1. offer production lines throughout the world with complete machinery set-up, training, etc., this is the clause "turn-key"
  2. trade our existing patents throughout the world together with new future patents for industrial inventions by forming agreements and granting production and commercial licenses in order to collect important cash royalties. 
  3. design even more modern sophisticated production lines for para-pharmaceutical safety products with retractable self-locking needles and will  expand this activity in the different fields of the pharmaceutical industry.
  4. register new patents for industrial inventions concerning the pharmaceutical sector in Italy and in foreign countries in order to increase sales proceeds.
  5. when required and if believed convenient, we will enter into joint-ventures with our licensees in order to prove the complete confidence we place in our patents and machinery.
Marcolini S.n.c. - Sistemi di automazione avanzata | P.IVA 01439700178
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